Korean Film Review: Speed Scandal

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  • Published : September 5, 2012
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Speed Scandal

Speed Scandal directed by Hyeong Cheol Kang delivered a heart warming, crafty humorous family film, which captured all audiences’ heart in 2008. Digging deeper into the film and analyzing the examples of family values and celebrity social status, Speed Scandal effectively shows the authentic Korean pop culture and how they are highly valued in Korean society.

Hyeoung Nam (played by Cha Tae Hyeoung), was just an ordinary wealthy man working at a Dj radio station. Hyeoung’s life was at the top of its peak until suddenly it all came crashing down when realizing he had had a secret daughter Nam Hwang Jeong (played by Park B Yeoung) and grandson Hwang Ki Dong (played by Hwang Seok Hyeon), whom he’d never known of, arrive at his apartment. In order to save Hyeoung’s image and reputation as a celebrity, Hwang and Ki Dong were kept hidden from the public to ensure that his image and reputation would not be tainted from the past relationship he’s had with Hwang’s mother. Having to hide his daughter and grandson in his apartment soon positioned them all in bittersweet relationship against each other until realizing how important family was despite fame and fortune.

From the Beginning of Speed Scandal, each characters personality developed and family values became more apparent. Both Korean male identities from the past to the present were evidently shown from Hyeoung’s character. From Hyeoung’s quoting “Where’s my meal” in one of the scenes indicated a traditional high authoritarian figure slaving his daughter Hwang to cook him food. This Traditional Korean male identity soon developed into a New Korean male identity towards the middle where Hyeoung became more individualistic, helping out with the house hold chores. Loyalty also contributes as the most important factor of family values in this film. It is evidently shown towards the climax where Hyeoung had to make an ultimatum on whether to continue on hosting his singing show or helping Hwang...
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