Korean Festivals

Topics: Tteok, Rice cake, Cake Pages: 3 (477 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Festival |Significance |Events |Date |Food | |
|Seollal |New Year's Day |Sebae(New Year's |1st day of |Tteokguk(Traditional soup made of | | | |greetings),Charye(Ancestral |first month |rice cake), Yakwa(Honey cakes) | | | |ceremony),Yunnori(Traditional game) | | | |Daeboreum |First full moon |Geuybulnori(Rice field burning), |1st full moon |Ogokbap(Rice made of five | | | |Daljip Taeugi(Bonfire), Aengmagi |of first month |grains),Yaksik (Glutinous | | | |Taeugi(Talisman burning) | |rice), Bureom (nuts), Gwibalgisul | | | | | |(alcoholic beverage) | |Meoseumnal |Festival for |Singing, Dancing, Coming-of-age |1st day of |Songpyeon(Traditional rice cake made | | |servants |ceremony |second month |with the grains) | |Yongdongje |Celebrating the |Jesa(Traditional ritual to appease the|Second month |Regular food for Jesa | | |god of wind |god of wind) | | | |Samjinnal |Celebrating the |Archery, Cockfighting, Fortune telling|3rd day of |Hwajeon(Rice pancakes), | | |coming of spring | |third month |Dugyeonju(Azalea wine) | |Hansik |Start of farming |Visit to ancestral grave for offering |105 days |Cold food only: Ssuktteok(Mugwort | | |season |rite, and cleaning and maintenance. |after Winter |cake),...
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