Korean Dramas

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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1There are so many different things people do when they are bored. Some pick on their nose, some read newspapers, and so much more things that will go beyond our imagination. When homework is not available, my favorite hobbies that I do are watching Korean dramas, playing soccer, and working out. Many people in the world are mesmerized by Korean dramas that they are becoming worldwide. The dramatic scenes and interesting stories captivates people. I watch about three different Korean dramas, and each one of them are unbelievably interesting. One is about relationships between North Korea, South Korea, and a terrorist organization. Second one is about different kinds of jobs. It shows how our society is in the world today. Third, it’s about two lovers having to overcome many obstacles to be in love. If I run out of Korean dramas to watch, I go out to play soccer. Recently, I found out that at a park nearby, people play soccer everyday. I was so happy and satisfied. Now, whenever I’m bored, I go to the park to play soccer. At night, after dinner, I go to the gym to work out. If I finish my homework and there is nothing more I need to do, I go to LA Fitness to stay fit. I’m bored everyday, so these activities have become my daily routine. Watching Korean drama kills the time, playing soccer kills time and keeps me healthy, working out keeps me healthy and fit. These are my things to do when boredom strikes me.
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