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Korean| Romanized| Translation|
인사| Een-sah| Greetings|
내일또만납시다. (만나요)| Nae-il tto manapshida (mannayo)| Until tomorrow!| 또봐요| Toh Bayo| Literally means: "See you again"|
잘가| Chal-ga| Bye!|

(14) 잊어버렸는데요.
I’ve forgotten.
(15) “Test” 한국어로 뭐예요?
“Test” hangugeoro mwoyeyo?
How do you say “test” in
(16) “시험”이라고 해요.
“Siheom”irago haeyo.
You say “siheom”.
(17) 한국말로 하세요.
Hangungmallo haseyo.
Please speak/say it in Korean.
(18) 다시 한번 해 보세요.
Dasi hanbeon hae boseyo
Try it again.
(19) 맞았어요.
That’s correct.
(20) 틀렸는데요.
That’s not right.
(21) 오늘은 이만 하겠어요.
Oneureun iman hagesseoyo.
We’ll stop here today.

Hyeonu: Bae an gopa? You hungry?
(Lit. Aren’t you hungry)
Minjun: Eo... yakgan. Yeah, a bit.
Hyeonu: Jeomsim mwo meogeullae?
Pija joahae?
Whaddaya want for lunch?
Pizza ok?
Minjun: Pija? Geureom. Pizza? Alright.
Hyeonu: Geureom, uri pija meokja. Pizza it is then.
(Lit. Then let’s eat pizza.)

Romanisation and Translation
Hyeonu: Deureogaja. Let’s go in here.
(Minjun sees Hyeonu eating an olive.)
Minjun: Neo ollibeu joahae? You like olives?
Hyeonu: Eung, wae? Neon sireo? Yep, why? Don’t you like ‘em? (Lit. You dislike them?)
Minjun: Eo.
Nan byeolloya.
Nah. (Lit. Yeah)
Not really. (Lit. I don’t particularly.)
들어가자 Let’s go in. 넌 [너+ㄴ] you
너 you 싫어 dislike
올리브 olive(s) 어 yeah; oh
좋아해 like 난 [나+ㄴ] I
응 yeah/yep 별로야 not really
왜 why

Jihun: Nan jibe ga. Going home.

지훈: 지금 뭐 하냐?
민서: 리포트 써. 근데, 왜?
지훈: 그냥.
민서: 나 바빠. 빨리 말해.
지훈: 아냐, 그냥. 리포트 마저 해.
Romanisation and Translation
Jihun: Jigeum mwo hanya? Whatcha doin’?
Minseo: Ripoteu sseo.
Geunde, wae?
Writing an assignment.
Why? (Lit. Anyway/but, why?)
Minseo: Na bappa. Ppalli malhae. I’m busy. Just say it....
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