Kopperset 500 Celebrating the Malungia

Topics: Family Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Hi Malungia!

I’m sitting in an old house that was bought by my Uncle Ethelbert Anderson and family more than seventy years ago. Somehow I am a descendant of that illustrious family who lived rather prosperously, or so we thought, during the segregation era. When some folk from somewhere found themselves I cahoots with those they thought inferior—the segregated way was established. Problem is that by the time it was known that all mankind is from the same root, folk were used to battling it out trying to prove superiority.

So here we are today. The old house leaks and I have buckets three places in an effort to save the floors and the ceilings “beneaf” ( We even developed our own way of saying and spelling words, such as beneaf, instead of beneath. More than a year ago, I visited Cincinnati Ohio to see what might be done to renovate this old house, only to find that it has good structure, is made of good stock, has good feelings and wants to be a useable house again where good people might strive and know that we are all of the Malungia, and can really live in harmony.

Gentle people have lived here. That is evidenced by the aura felt as we walk through the halls and rooms. After my Uncle and grandparents passed, my mother continued paying the taxes, and now as she has ascended “to the father” it seems left to our generation to figure out the complexity of our segregated past into a future that recognizes out cousinhood, that all people of the world are cousins.

I am perplexed. However, I see a solution. It is not an easy solution. Doctors, and nurses, legitimately pass out measured sedatives while “criminals” pass out what ever bring enough money to put food on the table for their families. Somehow we have an unbalanced economy among the people. We have grown used to balancing the haves and have-nots, and we have found ways to substantiate the difference. I propose that we start solving our dilemma, by acknowledging first that we are indeed of one...
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