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Virtual meetings
MIS in Action :
Q1) list and describe its capabilities for small-medium and large businesses. How useful is WebEx? how can it help companies save time and money? A1) Collaborate with colleagues across your organization, or halfway across the planet. Meet online and share files, information, and expertise. WebEx solutions increase productivity and keep you connected. Using WebEx doesn't just simplify your life. It's also easy on the planet, thus no need for travel cost and time.

Q2) compare WebEx video capabilities with the video conferencing capabilities described in the case. A2) WebEx and videoconference have lots of same characteristics, they both can be used on online meeting, cancel the limit for long distance and time differences, then lead to save money and time. However, WebEx have another advantages like you can use its note-taking, white boarding, and annotation tools to mark document. It can record your meeting audio and video and there’s no complicated software or maintenance.

Q3) describe the steps you would take to prepare for a web conference as opposed to a face to face conference ? A3) If you start to use WebEx conference, all you have to do is to prepare a desktop or laptop with internet and click to connect the meeting, talk to them like you and your customer are face to face, you even don’t have to see a document with paper copies, you only need to click and move the mouse. You also can note or mark even correct it immediately. You don’t need to prepare too much things or waste too much time on a tiny business case. However, we have to prepare lots of pros and cons for face-to-face meeting, such as find a fine restaurant or quiet place, prepare some food and drink or something, and prepare the hot copies related to the topic, and the employee should try to be on time, clear his brain, and he have to endure the jet lag, these reasons will also affect the result of the meeting.
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