Kony 2012

Topics: Lord's Resistance Army, International Criminal Court, Joseph Kony Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Kony 2012

Kony 2012 is a 30-minute documentary produced by Jason Russel. Russel is one of the members from an organization called The Invisible Children. The main idea of the documentary is to let everyone know about Joseph Kony and his rebel group called Lords Resistance Army (LRA). Kony has been abducting children for nearly 30 years but know one really knew about it until now. They want to capture Kony and rescue the children he has abducted. He has captured children and turned the boys into soldiers for the LRA, and the girls into sex slaves. We are supposed to respond negatively towards Kony and his crimes. While Russel was over in Africa he met a boy called Jacob, and Kony had once captured him. When Jacob was captured his brother tried to escape, but get got caught and was killed. Fortunately Russel made a promise to Jacob to tell the world about Kony and he has. In 2012, the year of an election, Russel made a film about what’s happening in Africa and told the world that they need our help to do something about this.

In this documentary many techniques were used, the one that was mostly used was social media. When Jason first started up the Invisible Children page on Facebook, no one new about it. Slowly it took time to get the name around. Jason created videos while he was in Africa and people shared them, but sadly it wasn’t getting around fast enough. Russel decided to make a video about Kony and it explained about what he has done and what they want to achieve making the video. He chose 2012 to be the year all Kony’s crimes and abductions will stop, but he needed our help to make it happen. When he uploaded the video to YouTube and Facebook, he got peoples attention. People shared it and later everyone knew about it. It was on television, in the newspaper, there were posters in many cities of Kony, and thousands of people on Facebook were sharing the video. The president of United States of America, Barack Obama, even knew about it. Soon...
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