Kong Qingdong Calls Hongkongers as Dog

Topics: Hong Kong, Mainland China, Mainland Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Kong Qingdong calls hongkongers as dog

To exaggerate the contradiction between mainlanders and hongkongers, the most contribution should be the tirade form Kong Qingdong, a professor of Peking University. In this news, written by a reporter from Hug China newspaper, firstly describes the blasting fuse – MTR incident. He reports that there was an argument between a mainland woman and a hongkonger which for eating in MTR. The hongkong man asks the woman to apologize but she refuse and end up with help of MTR employee. Secondly, the reporter quotes the statement by Kong. Kong comments if the citizens like hongkongers only are in order through legislation, which means they lack self- control ability. He also calls them as dog and thieves (Reporter). This criticism provokes most of hongkongers and mainlanders. Reporter recites some celebrities’ view and most of them call for Kong resignation and apology.

I am astonished that a professor of Peking University states a rude, uneducated expression. How dare is he claim he is a descendant of Confucius? It is extremely impolite and disrespectful for him calling the others as dogs. Considering the blasting fuse, it is obvious that the mainland woman is wrong. She must not eat in MTR as it is legislated. However, I wonder why Kong said the countries relying on regulations show they are lacking in civic consciousness. From my best knowledge, all the developed countries have their own ordinance, including China. It doesn’t make sense and is conflicting for him having this statement. Professional educators should take the lead to discuss rationally. His tirade arouses a lot of controversies and raises many eyebrows. His remorse is beyond dispute. Doubtless, under the influence of recent contradiction between hongkongers and mainlanders, the relationship between us is dying out. For the sake of recovering, we should swing into action before it is too late.
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