Kong Fu Leadership

Topics: Management, Han Chinese, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: April 25, 2013
TO: Geneviève Risner
FROM: Zhi Li
DATE: 10.25.2012
SUBJECT: Leadership memo
This memo is based on my observation and interview on the owner of the Kungfu Szechuan Cuisine restaurant, Mrs. Wanyan Liu. The purpose of this memo is to present my opinions about the leader's communication behavior and how her leadership has influenced the whole restaurant. NATURE OF THE ORGANIZATION

Kungfu Szechuan Cuisine restaurant was established on Oct. 13 2010. It is located in the Medawar Plaza on 730 N Clippers street. This restaurant is owned by Liu Family LLC, and the owner of this LLC is Mrs. Wanyan Liu. There are two chiefs and one helper in the kitchen. The main chief has won the golden medal in Chinese Szechuan Cuisine contest in Beijing. There are about 5 part-time servers come to help in different time in the week. Their focus clients are Chinese people living around Lansing, especially Chinese students from MSU.

Communication and leadership
Kungfu restaurant is a for-profit organization. As the owner paid the salaries of all the others, she is the assigned leader rather than an emergent leader. I paid more attention when the owner is communicating with servers or the chiefs. She used many powers when communicating with them. Giving rewards is the one she liked to use frequently. I saw many times that she told the chief if the sales exceed some kind of line, she would took them to go eating at Red Lobster or somewhere else. At the same time, she is not so rigorous and have a very east working environment for the workers. She always talked about how her lives in old days were like and what is the custom in hometown. As a result, both the chiefs and the servers like to talk with her and talk about a lot of their own lives. Using this way, the owner can know more what her workers are like and thy sometimes they are in a down time. Mrs. Liu thought that this communication with her employees are very...
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