Kolbergs Theory

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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* Kohlberg’s theory of moral development
* Kohlberg’s theory’s is split up into six stages, the first and second stage are called the preconvention level, this stage suggests that when a child is between the ages of four and ten he or she will do good or avoid doing wrong to avoid punishment or to receive a reward. *

* Stages three and four are called the conventional level and takes place when the child is, at the ages between ten and thirteen at this stage a person learns to conform society. The person will do good or avoid wrong to win the approval of elders and conform to the social order. *

* The final stages are stages five and six and are called the post-conventional level and it is reached from the age of thirteen onwards. It states that a person doesn’t act out of fear or a need for approval, instead actions will be guided by a sense of right and wrong and the development of a moral conscience. *

* Kohlberg’s theory relates to the movie Yolngu Boy. The movie is about three aboriginal boys called Botj, Loppru and Milika the three boys are faced with the dilemma of whether or not to keep their traditional aboriginal heritage in today’s modern world. *

* A relevant scene within the film displaying the act of choosing between right and wrong is the scene were Loppru decides to go out to the bush and head up to Darwin to get Botj away from the authorities after Botj burnt down the community center in there home town. Loppru heads to Darwin as he wants to speak with Dawu (the most respected elder of his aboriginal clan) to help Botj get out of trouble. *

* Refereeing to this scene and with reference to Kohlberg’s theory it states in stages five and six that a person is guided by a sense of right and wrong. In this scene these stages directly relate to Loppru as he is faced with a problem, as he knows that he could get in big trouble for helping Botj. Choosing between what he believes is right...
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