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4) What managements skills is Nana using this case?
Which management skill is Nana lacking?

* Conceptual skills
* Ability to understand the relationships among the various tasks of a firm * Important to have general understanding of the firm s operation as it enable the manager to anticipate potential problem * Optimally utilize employees and other resources in a manner that can achieve the firm s goals

* Interpersonal skills
* Skills necessary to communicate with customers and employees * Example communication with customer – ability to listen to customer complains and attempt to respond in an acceptable manner

* Technical skills
* Skills used to perform specific daily tasks
* Example if working in assembly line of a computer manufacturer firm – must be aware of how computer components are assembled

* Decision – making skills
* Use of existing information to determine how the firm s resources should be allocated * Type of decisions vary between one position to another

Management skills that Nana use is interpersonal skills.
She use that skills to communicate with employees well. Interpersonal skills and also a confidence and ability to listen to customers complain and try to respond well. Solve problems, make decisions and personal stress management is also considered interpersonal, something that most of the managers in the company needs to master. In this case, half an hour before the store opened, she meets her employees and she also discussed with his staff about the sales that began in the first quarter by 10 percent, and she also wants employees to participate and provide solutions to the problems discussed. Lack of management skills.

Nana lacks in decision making skills. In this situation, she is to meet her regional sales manager to discuss the excess returns of merchandises, and he intends to give it to him with the solution resulting from the meeting...
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