Kokuhaku Film Review

Topics: Narrative, Plot, Fiction Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Jerico Jay F. Bueno 1DMC-HUM01


Kokuhaku for me was a modern masterpiece having such an interesting storyline and also having actors who possess such great talents in portraying their own distinct character. People will have an understanding on how a mother loves her child and to what extent she will do in order to protect her child from danger. It is a movie with high aesthetic value due to certain things; it engages the audience to unravel the mysteries of every character, to have a deeper knowledge about that certain happening, to leave the viewer wanting for more. It was a labyrinthine of a story: A mother hungry for vengeance on her daughter’s death. Constantly torturing the two culprits and eventually leaving them helpless due to the murder they have made and now *in the case of Nao* his conscious is continuously hunting him for vengeance. I could say that Ms. Moriguchi achieved her retribution as a mother, and also taught the children a lesson about Life and how it is important to them. I can say that film was a frightful masterpiece and yet a bloody murder. CINEMATOGRAPHY & VISUAL DESIGN

The film was a puzzle to solve. If you missed a scene it will be hard for you to cope up, and understand what is happening. Every scene was taken from different perspectives and angles; hence making the people have distinct point of views on how the murder happened (e.g. Some were struck when they saw that the child was still alive and Nao just threw her in the pool so that she'll drown, we did not know that he had a different motive for killing the child - which was shown during the 3rd quarter of the film's timeline). Lighting in the film was quite significant because due to its brightness and darkness the viewers will be rattled to search for certain details that will help them understand the scene (e.g. The "L" tattoo...
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