Kokoro Natsume Soseki Summary

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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1. Narrator is in Kamakura. Walks to the beach every day. 2. Sensei was with a foreigner. Narrator watches Sensei’s movement with the foreigner. 3. Sensei drops his sunglasses. Stalks Sensei out to sea. Beginning of friendship. 4. Return to Tokyo. pg.6 “His coldness was a warning to not be friends” Visited grave. 5. Narrator visits Sensei periodically. Thinks he’s lonely. Asks to visit grave with him. Rejected. 6. “I am a melancholy man, you will have to look elsewhere for consolation”-Sensei says sadly 7. Sensei feels happy from drinking alcohol. No children- “Divine right” says Sensei laughing. 8. Sensei and Okusan get into a fight. “misunderstands me”p.15 “We should be the happiest”p.16 9. “Great pity to live in obscurity”p.17 “He was different when he was a student”p.18 10. “I thought myself more free-timidity born from a generation ago”p.19”There is guilt in loving” 11. “you came to me because you lack love” “I have said the wrong thing, sorry” Sensei says 12. “Conversation with Sensei is better than professors”p.22 “I distrust humanity” “don’t trust me” 13. Narrator wonders why he feels that way. “his thoughts were based on his experience” 14. Narrator is alone with Okusan. Sensei’s wife was not a modern woman. She values emotions. 15. They talk about Sensei. Okusan believes she can “make his happy as is humanly possible” 16. Narrator feels that Okusan is intellectual. Okusan doesn’t know why Sensei gradually changed. 17. There was something that separated Sensei and her. She doesn’t know if it was K’s death. 18. Sensei comes home, wife’s attitude changes abruptly. Narrator is relieved she is happy. 19. Come home letter comes. Narrator is worried and goes home quickly. Borrows $ from Sensei. 20. Not as ill as expected. Narrator sends a letter to Sensei thanking him for the loan. Gets a reply 21. Narrator gets tired. Thinks and yearns for Tokyo. Compares...
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