Kogan 4p's

Topics: Customer service, Marketing, Customer relationship management Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Task A: Evaluate each component of the marketing mix
Kogan organization
Kogan is an organization that aims to provide inexpensive goods and service for all Australians. Their products are including of a new technology that is LCD TVS, LED TVS, GPS devices, Blu-Ray players, netbooks and other that direct to customers door. Kogan’s product does not buy via a middle man as other retailers do so that their product is the cheapest and also has high quality with others, which Kogan guarantee the best deal for customers. In terms of service Kogan offers free delivery, guarantee products’ quality by money back to the customers within 7 days if it is not satisfaction, extended warranty and so on (Kogan, 2011). Therefore, Kogan’s target audiences will segment by using geographic, demographic as bellowing. * Geographic segmentation is segment by location (Solomon, 2009). In this task focuses location in Australia. * Demographic segmentation is segment by sex, age, income, occupancy and so on (Solomon, 2011). In this task focuses target audiences on both sex that is males and females who have age between 25-40 years. Also, have income in medium to high rank. Kogan set their price by using skimming price. Most technologies product is set the position in high price because the customers trust on high price is high quality. However, Kogan’s price still cheaper than competitors because their product is free of charge from agent, importer, wholesaler and retailer (middle men). Kogan works directly with factories overseas, so they can buy cheap. That is the factor reasons that why Kogan’s product is low price. In addition, promotional methods, channel of distribution and level of customer service provided have impacted to market outcomes as following: * Promotional methods

Kogan uses online advertising (own website) which offers the best price guarantee for customers. * The channels of distribution
Kogandoes not have front store, they sell products via online...
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