Kodak Down Fall Reasons..

Topics: Reward system, Change, Management Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Q.What factors motivated Kodak to change its organizational architecture?

a.Changes in the economic environment that increased KodakÂ’s ability to control the timing of new products. b.The need for centralized decision rights to ensure the company kept up with its new competition. c.Increased competition from Japanese and generic brands and rapid technological change. d.Increased understanding of the role of organizational architecture in improving firm performance. e.Internal changes in management and falling stock prices

Question 2 (1 point) Question 2: What mistakes did Kodak make in changing its organizational architecture?

a.It initially changed the decision right system to a more decentralized one without making corresponding changes to the evaluation and reward systems. b.It designed an organizational architecture based on the good citizen model rather than on the happy is productive model. c.It created too many new business units that made the corporationÂ’s operations cumbersome and reduced communications among management d.It failed to increase the specific knowledge of upper management to support centralized decision making. e.It initially changed the evaluation and reward systems without making corresponding changes the decision right system

Question 3 (1 point)
Question 3: What might Kodak have done differently?
a.It should have retained a centralized decision making system because upper management had stronger incentives to work towards the success of the company. b.It should have developed a decentralized decision making system earlier to support the changes it made to the evaluation and reward systems. c.It should have developed an evaluation and rewards system earlier to support the decentralization of decision rights and, when the system was finally implemented, it should have ensured that rewards benefited those who made good decisions rather than those who were good at office politics. d.It should...
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