Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan

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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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In the NBA they’re two great teams with good players in the past years. Jordan with the bulls and Kobe with L.A. they both have different colors and logo they each represent their city and their fans they also have rivals The most valuable player in the NBA is Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan. Michal Jordan and Kobe Bryant have a lot of things that are similar but difference things this player have accomplish Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have a lot of things that are similar. Like they both have Three all star MVP but in different years the first one that Michael Jordan got was in February ,7 1988 at the Chicago stadium and the other one in 1996 where he was chosen as a mvp and the last one was in 1998 in Madison square garden where he did the amazing dunk and he faced up vs. Kobe Bryant at age 19 as his rookie career he was manage to scored 18 point on that day but Kobe didn’t stop trying he try hard to get his all star MVP he was manage to get one in February 10,2002 at Philadelphia because he had an average of 31 points and as he kept on moving he also got another one on February 17 ,2007 at Las Vegas Nevada at the university where he had the same amount of point but5 rebounds and 6 assists. As he when on, he got one more in the 2009 at the phoenix Arizona as they chose him so this why I think they have the same style of playing basketball, that’s why they became mvp so as we all know each team wins a championship which Michael Jordan had 6 championship in 1991 in this year he won his first championship title at LA great western forum stadium in June 12 as they moved on to the next year 1992 June 14 as the bulls were 3 and the Portland trailblazer were 2, as they moved on to the bulls stadium they won that game 97-93 as a closed game as they continued to win back to back games but this time on june,20 1993 vs. the phoenix sun they were managed to win at the phoenix sun stadium by 1 point that Horace grant made the 3 point shot to win it 99-98 as all...
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