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Informative Presentation Outline Example


Topic: Roman Coliseum

Specific Purpose: I would like my audience to understand three historical features of the Roman Coliseum.


I. Attention Getter: Imagine yourself being ushered up a dark hallway and into a huge, outdoor theater. Here you are greeted by 50,000 screaming spectators and one man-crazy for your death, hungry for the thought of ripping you apart limb from limb.

II. Relevance: From professional football and basketball games to the sporting events at Texas State’s Strahan Coliseum and Bobcat Stadium, much of our culture is influenced by the success of one great sports complex built nearly 2000 years ago.

III. Credibility: As a history major focused on Roman studies, I have always been enamored with the stories surrounding the Coliseum. Also, a tour of Ancient Rome this past summer intensified my horror and fascination with this great monument.

IV. Central Idea: To truly understand the historical impact the Coliseum has had on civilization, it is important to learn about the architectural features of the Coliseum, the horrors of the Roman Games, and the present plans for the Coliseum’s restoration.


I. The Coliseum’s architectural features remain impressive even by today’s standards.

a. The outdoor theater boasted 80 entrances, with a design so incredibly pragmatic that each was equipped with a numbered staircase, ensuring the simultaneous exit of about 50,000 individuals in three minutes (Pearson, 1973).

b. The Coliseum’s floor was covered with sand, which served to soak up large quantities of blood. The floor also concealed a labyrinth of tunnels, trapdoors, and a complicated system of chains and pulleys, similar to our modern day elevators (Pearson, 1973).

Transition: Now that we have laid the foundation of the Coliseum’s construction, let’s live through a day at the Roman...
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