Kobe and Lebron

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  • Published : May 16, 2011
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Lebron or Kobe
Two of the greats in the NBA, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. These two basketball stars are some of the greatest players of all time. Whenever there is a need for a game winning shot for the L.A Lakers or the Miami Heat, these two guys will be taking that shot. That is how much confident a coach has on them. When there are two great athletes like these, there is always a question. Which of the two is better? Although Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are usually compared, they also have much differences that makes each one of them great. Lebron and Kobe have many similarities. One of them is that they are the most popular players in the league. Some say they are close to being as great as Michael Jordan, but both Lebron and Kobe say they should not be brought up in a conversation that is about Michael Jordan. “The greatest player in the world discussion is saved for a rare few, but Kobe and LeBron have owned it for years. So how did they get here?” (Chad Ridgeway). This quote is a good example of how fans feel about these two premier athletes. They are great unselfish players, they are unselfish because of the leadership they show on there teams. There would not be a better pair to compare than Lebron and Kobe.
Some ways Kobe and Lebron are different are championships. The last two seasons the L.A Lakers one back to back finals which gave Kobe his fourth and fifth ring, he is now tied for most rings by a current player. Kobe is more of a shooter and Lebron drive to the basket more. Lebron drives to the basket more because he is stronger. It is easier for Kobe just to hit the jump shot. One thing that Kobe has shown that Lebron has not is how to lead a championship team. Lebron has no rings. He has not one a championship yet. When Lebron played for the Cleveland Cavaliers he made it to the NBA finals once and lost every game in a best of seven. Lebron now plays on...
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