Koala Bear Speech

Topics: Koala, Eucalyptus, Australia Pages: 6 (1350 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Topic:To inform the audience about Koala Bears.

Specific Purpose: To inform the class about koala bears; koala bears most used body parts, where they live and what they do to survive.

Central Idea: To let my audience know that there is a lot about koalas that we do not already know.

Pattern of Organization: Topical


I. (Attention Getter) It has been said that when one person has a question about something, there are usually others who wonder the same thing.

II. (Reveal Topic) When I was at the San Diego Zoo last summer, and got to see the koalas, I questioned myself about what do they do, where they are from and how they survive. Well today that is exactly what I am going to answer.

III. (Statement of Credibility) I really wanted to fulfill my curiosity and find out more about koala bears.

IV. (Preview Body) To let my audience know that there is a lot about koalas that we do not already know.

V. (Reason to Listen) Important information will be shared in my speech to help you better understand more about koala bears and their way of life.


(Main Point 1) The first thing I am going to talk about is the most used body parts of a koala bear.

A. The hands and feet of a koala is an important part of their body.

1. Koalas climb with its body upright, holding on by only its arms and legs. Long and strong thigh muscles make its legs more powerful than most other animals of its size.

2. Its paws are especially good for gripping and climbing with rough pads on the palms and soles helping it to grip easily both tree trunks and

3. On the hind paw, there is no claw on the big toe, and the second and third toes are fused together to form a grooming claw.

B. Koala bears fur is another significant part of its body.

1. Koalas have a thick wooly fur which protects them from both hot and cold temperatures. Their fur is thick enough to be almost waterproof.

2. Fur varies in color from light grey to brown, with patches of white on the chest and neck, inside arms and legs and inside the ears.

3. The fur on the koala's bottom is heavily packed to provide a cushion like feel for the firm branches and hard surfaces it sits on.

4. Koala bears also have pouches by their stomach for their young ones. These pouches are always warm during any weather condition.

C. Koala bears hearing, sight and smelling sense are also very important.

1. Koala bears have big furry ears intense for hearing what is going on around them.

2. Their eyes are small and having poor vision is not a downfall for them since they live in the trees and do not have to watch out for predators. Also, because they eat leaves, they do not have to have good vision for hunting.

3. Their nose is very large, bare skin covered with very fine hairs, which is put to good use since smell is the most important sense for them. They will also use their sense of smell to keep track of other koala bears nearby.

Transition: Now that we have covered the most used body parts of a koala bear, let's move to where koala bears can be found.

II. (Main Point 2) The second thing I am going to talk about is where koala bears can be found.

A. To most Americans, we only see koala bears at the zoo.

1. In the United States, koala bear are found in zoos across the states.

2. Since they are one of the animals that only live at the zoo in the United States, Koala bears are usually a major attraction.

3. “The San Diego Zoo has the largest koala population and the most successful koala breeding program outside of Australia and was the first zoo in the...
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