Knowledge Managment at Google Inc

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1. Abstract
Knowledge asset is currently the major source of competitive advantage for firms, in the global firms it’s becoming clear that the way in which the firm utilise their knowledge assets can form a significant difference between them. At the same time its one of the major challenges for the firm to manage those knowledge assets. The report describes the model used by a global company like Google, in exploring and managing its knowledge assets. Through a brief analysis, we will try to find out the management and process structure Google uses.

Table of contents
1. Abstract-----------------------------------------------------------------------------1 2. Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------3 2.1. Overview---------------------------------------------------------------3 2.2. Knowledge Management------------------------------------------3 2.3. Knowledge Management Concepts-----------------------------3 3. Google Inc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------4

3.1. About-------------------------------------------------------------------4
3.2. Google’s Innovation Philosophy----------------------------------4
3.3. Google’s Innovation-------------------------------------------------5
3.4 Google the Learning Company------------------------------------5 4. Inside Google: Design and management------------------------------------6
4.1. Inside Design----------------------------------------------------------6
4.2. Management of Creative Team----------------------------------6
4.3. Sustainable Workforce---------------------------------------------7 5. Human Resources Planning at Google---------------------------------------7
5.1. Best Company to Work For ---------------------------------------7
5.2. Google Goals and Vision-------------------------------------------7
5.3. Training and Development----------------------------------------8
5.4. Employee Benefits and values------------------------------------8 6. Conclusions-------------------------------------------------------------------------9 7. References--------------------------------------------------------------------------10

2. Introduction
2.1. Overview
For any global firm, Knowledge based assets are increasingly recognised as a major source of efficiency advantage. Accessing, identifying, developing and managing knowledge based resources now constitute the key strategic challenge in a world dominated by globalisation, deregulation and rapid technological change, (Hamel and Prahalad 1994). When the firm have a good base of knowledge about its internal and external resources, it can benefit from that knowledge to increase its advantage over other competitors.

One of the eminent aspects of any firm is focusing on collecting, managing and make a good use of the information and knowledge that surround it. Achieving a competitive advantage in today’s market is becoming the number one goal for any global firm, all global firms now realise that their success depends heavily on the firm’s knowledge or what’s called intellectual Capital. Peter Ducker(1993, p.3)claims, as we enter the information age, basic economic resources are no longer assets, now its knowledge.

2.2. Knowledge Management

Knowledge management play’s a complete role in any successful Learning company. Before we try to understand what knowledge management means, we need to understand the term “learning company” which is widely used today when talking about an organisation. according to Watkins and Marsick(1997) “learning organization must capture, Share, and use knowledge so its members can work together to change the way the organisation responds to challenges”, the statement clearly define Learning organisation as the one that keep up with the technology advancement, and change as technology change with time.

Knowledge Management(KM) always played a complete role in a firm, there are several...
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