Knowledge Management System

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Knowledge management system is generally a technical / computerized technological system where both a discipline & a managerial policy initiative that encapsulates the strategy, systems & processes that enable & simple creation, capture, sharing, distribution & utilization of an organization’s knowledge

Information systems are designed to facilitate the sharing & integration of knowledge Knowledge Creation

Knowledge Creation

Knowledge Codification
Knowledge Codification
Knowledge Storage

Knowledge Storage

Knowledge Diffusion & Use

Knowledge Diffusion & Use

Knowledge Identification

Knowledge Identification

A Knowledge Management system could be any of the following: 1. Document based i.e. any technology that permits creation/management/sharing of formatted documents 2. Ontology/Taxonomy based: these are similar to document technologies in the sense that a system of terminologies (i.e. ontology) are used to summarize the document e.g. Author, Subj, Organization e 3. Based on certain technologies which use a customized representation scheme to represent the problem domain Features of a Knowledge Management System

1. Purpose: Such as collaboration, sharing good practice
2. Context: Information that is meaningfully organized, accumulated and embedded in a context of creation and application 3. Processes: Support and enhance knowledge-intensive processes, tasks or projects such as creation, identification, capturing, selection, valuation, organization, transfer, distribution 4. Participants: Users can play the roles of active, involved participants in knowledge networks and communities. 5. Instruments: The capture, creation and sharing of the codifiable aspects of experience, the creation of corporate knowledge directories, skill management systems, collaborative filtering

Benefits of a KMS
1. Sharing of valuable organizational information throughout...
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