Knowledge Management Case Study

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Nicole Wells
MISM 2301

CDM, Inc. Knowledge Management Case Study Questions:

1. What approaches does CDM employ to manage the tacit and the explicit knowledge within the organization and why does this effort require such different approaches to manage tacit versus explicit knowledge? [table] | |Tacit Knowledge |Explicit Knowledge |Why it’s different | |Technical disciplines |discussion forums |library of specific management, trade, and |explicit knowledge exists in formal documents and | |( Maintains its own |meeting and conference event notices |technical content |rules | |Intranet portal of explicit|Technical Discipline e-mail accounts |guidelines |It can be more easily documented, archived | |knowledge |directory of contact information on |frameworks |It can be easily broken down into specific and | | |technical experts |case studies |focused bodies of knowledge | | | |templates |It is usually formed by objective and testable | | | |examples of best practice |information | |Dispatcher |an e-mail with an engineering or |corporate library housed CDM publications on |With Explicit knowledge you can learn about facts | |( served as the firm’s |scientific question addressed to the |technical subjects and each field office...
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