Knowledge Management and Networking Attitude

Topics: Knowledge management, Best practice, Knowledge sharing Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: March 23, 2011
The Networking Attitude
In 2002 The Networking Attitude was launched as a new way of communication to enable and encourage staffs in different work sites to share knowledge and good practices in the enterprise. MAKE IT YOURS

As employee’s commitment is very important, several social tools were designed to make people enjoy the activity and see how knowledge exchange can benefit them. Such social tools include Marketplace - Marketplace is a two-hour activity held during other meetings scheduled by the target group. Event’s theme is set up to build loosened-up environment with costumes, role-playing and lively music. Message-in-a-bottle - In this activity encouraged bottom-up approach by bringing takers to a small group of givers who were willing to give them solutions and good practices and they would take their turns to be takers. As it is important that people should feel free to ask for helps, there was no observation. T-shirts - T-shirts session is held when the team doesn’t have enough time for longer activity. Participants write good suggestions on the front of their T-shirts and write down their problems on the back. And then they all gather in a group in a learning session. FOLLOW-UP

Follow-up measures are organized after marketplaces and message-in-a-bottle sessions to help employees adopt good practices to improve their performance. Danone had many tools used to enhance good outcomes. • WHO’S WHO - All the employees have their own profile page, they can take part in sharing information of their interesting topics. And when having problems, they can search for some good solutions and people in the area where they need help. • COMMUNITIES (NETWORKS) - These networks were established to make sure that employees still keep sharing their knowledge even without marketplaces. Within a network, there were 10-15 members with a leader. Members posted questions and useful information to keep the network alive and they met up once in 6-18 months. Assessing...
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