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TCS- KM Strategy
Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) is India’s one of the leading Multinational Consultancy company. It is basically dealing in Business Process Outsourcing and IT. TCS is subsidiary of India’s oldest group of company called Tata Group. In 1968 TCS Started as a division of Tata Sons Ltd. In 2004 TCS was listed in Bombay Stock Exchange and thus gone public. It was first IT company to achieve $4 Billion and more revenue. It was ranked as one of the 10 most profitable company in Information Technology. TCS has around 142 offices in 42 countries around the globe. 90 Percent of its Employees are Indian.[1]

The key challenge was to sustain and maintain growth rate of company as its half of revenue was from North America and the value of Dollar was depreciated in 2007.Second the attrition rate was high as is common in IT industry. The third challenge was that TCS has many merger and acquisition. And so it involved the accumulation of large portion of Knowledge asset and small portion of physical asset. These three reasons created the need of Knowledge Management (KM).

KM Strategy:
TCS people used KM tools such as Mastercraft and Assent for internal use. TCS also provides the KM for its client. TCS offered the solutions that were integrated with software companies such as SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft, IBM, EMC and Opentext. KM methodologies used at TCS is SIGMARG (Strategy Implementation Governance Model for Acquisition, Retention and Growth of knowledge assets) and 5iKM3. TCS used number of KM technologies and tools which included ECM (Enterprise Content Management), Document Management System, eKMS and Ultimatix. ECM supports the creation, capture, organization, storage, search and transfer of knowledge. DCM comprised a repository of proposals, presentations and white papers. eKMS and Ultimatix were tools developed by TCS itself. The Oracle based Ultimatix was used to build a multimedia repository for explicit corporate knowledge. To have one Stop for all above activities TCS developed KnowMax based on SharePoint. Knowmax was launched in the first week of December 2006. KM has led to TCS to TKC (Tata Knowledge Chain) for Tata Group of companies.

As a result of KM initiatives taken at TCS its revenue plunged from $ 2.97 billion in 2006 to $ 4.29 billion in 2007. For year ended on March 2010 revenue was $ 6.34 billion which is significant rinse from 2007.TCS effort to create and share knowledge have earned them the MAKE (Most admired Knowledge Enterprise) award since 2003. KM at Sasol


Sasol full form is -Suid Afrikaanse Steenkool en Olie which means South African Coal and Oil Ltd. Sasol is global petro-chemical whose work is mining, synfuels, energy and chemicals. Sasol’s business is based on chemical technology of CTL (Coal to Liquid) and GTL (Gas to Liquid). In 1950 government founded Sasol after years of research and negotiation.

During 1980’s and 1990’s through its extensive research developed the F-T (Fischer-Tropsh) technology and patented it. Twenty years after the first petrochemical plant in Sasolburg was established, it focused its attention on developing F-T and mining technologies. It was in 1976 the establishment of Sasol Two and in 1979 the establishment of Sasol Three plants felt the need of managing the Knowledge that company gained for years of experience. There were more than 30000 workers from 39 nationalities speaking 30 different languages worked on the project which was over on 1982. By 1998 it was evident that way of transforming knowledge was inadequate. So the perfect Knowledge Management technology was required at Sasol.

In 1998 Pieter Cox was appointed as Knowledge management Group head. In 1999 Sasol Synfuels was designated as the KM hub. Sasol started to build KM on its own through its IT Department though it was far away from achieving the goal of leveraging its knowledge asset to the...
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