Knowledge Is a Choice Relation

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Knowledge is a choice
Many people describe themselves as not being smart or that they cannot be smart like everybody else, but knowledge is something you gain by choice. It’s the action, if you’re willing to read a book or if you decide to pay attention in class and learn. Knowledge is something strong and useful to everybody, it can be obtained by different things, or even in different ways. This helps you later on in life not only financially but also mentally in being more aware of your surroundings. A big factor that helps you gain knowledge much easier is motivation. Motivation helps you stay more focused on what you want and helps you focus more on the skill you wish to gain. Many motivations can be anything from past situations to a goal you want to achieve or even a simple “crush” like Steve Brody. In the essay “How I Got Smart” by Steve Brody, Brody describes how he began to read books and gain knowledge thanks to a crush he had when he was a sophomore in high school. He began to like a girl named Debbie, who was in his English class. She was a pretty bright girl and he wasn’t so bright, so he planned to buy an encyclopedia so that he would be able to read and gain more knowledge in order to impress Debbie. After some time Debbie and Brody got separated from each other because they didn’t have the same class together anymore. Brody then found out that Debbie was seeing a junior from a neighboring high school who was a “c” average student and played hockey. Brody got frustrated and mad because he had been reading the encyclopedia all that time just to impress Debbie and be with her. In the end Debbie ended up moving from town and changing schools. Even though Brody’s main motivation to read and gain knowledge went away, he still decided to keep on reading books and learning more and used his situation as an advantage to himself.

Brody’s idea to the reader is very complex; he not only shows that anybody can choose to be “smart” but also that it doesn’t...
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