Knowledge and What It Means to Be Educated

Topics: Psychology, Education, Mind Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Ignorant Educating
Knowledge is bred from desire and thrives in the mind of an individual who possesses the aspiration to learn why something happens or how it takes place. It is commonly stated that we humans only use twenty percent of our brain’s , but in all reality the human race is at fault for our incapacity to open up and ideally use the rest of our brain as a resource in addition to what is already utilized. This is due to the way in which society approaches education, or the act of imparting knowledge. In several instances, the works The Banking Concept of Education by Paul Freire and O Americano Outra Vez by Richard Feynman portray their opinions’ on how education affects how accomplished we really are as a people and how different processes and approaches can influence different levels of retention in students. It is important that if we want to progress and revolutionize our definition of being educated that we open up our minds to more than one track of presenting information and provide an environment conducive to creativity and expansion of knowledge beyond the American school system.

It is enforced, by law, that all people are educated to some degree (usually in the form of a high school diploma), yet we still see no real progress in getting everyone to pursue a more specific career or skill later on in life after the required amount of education is met. In school we typically learn all the “basic subjects” (science, math, English, social studies etc.) that are supposed to function in progression of the world and make it better, more efficient, stronger in what we know about the world we live in, the people and animals we walk amongst, the plants we see every day. Freire noted that naturally “human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other” and we should foucs on just that in our humanity sharing all our resources to advance together (Freire 63). If our education system is so supreme and has made such great headways,...
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