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Topics: Colonialism, Economy, Economics Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: January 26, 2013
1. Imagine that a developed Western nation is facing a period of economic decline. What might this government tend to do if it believes in?

A)If we lived in a nation that was facing a period where they were dealing with economic decline a government Keynesian Economics would they spend more money and this will open more doors and opportunities for jobs for those who live in that country. For example, the government would start a new project, and they need more people to work in the factories to build things. This is a win-win situation because not only are the people getting money and help many citizens get out of poverty, the country as a whole would also be getting money and become more developed. B)Neo-liberal economics would want to be less involved with their country. Freer market economy and a reduced role for their government. With and increase of easy movement of goods, production, capital and resources. This economic system is evident everyday life, it seen in clothing, sporting goods, food products and many more.

3. Briefly summarize in your own words, the impacts that colonialism has had on former colonies. For each impact suggest why, after 50 or more years of independence, the effects of colonialism are still causing problems in these countries

Colonialism is when a stronger country controls a weaker country, this has happened to many countries in today’s history. Jamaica is one of the many countries that had been colonized by England. Jamaica had been ruled by England for over 200 years. Being colonized by England had had a negative impact on their country because Jamaica was forced to change their culture, society, and economy. Focusing on their economy after Jamaica had finally gained independence they were soon in every finical problem. They were not able to be their own country after British rule because their government was not educated enough, they did not know how to handle themselves. A newspaper named the Gleaner conducted...
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