Knowldge Workers

Topics: Knowledge management, Organization, Knowledge economy Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: February 8, 2013
knowldge workers
Introduction: The performance of organization in today’s economy has been drastically affected by Knowledge, which has been the main reason for organizations to perform better than others. According to Child, J. (2005) Knowledge depends on individual firm can only enhance creative individual in order for them to create Knowledge.

The nature of the knowledge contributed by the members of an organization or an alliance of organizations is of considerable significance for the process of learning. An important requirement for converting knowledge into an organizational property is to make is to make it sufficiently to be readily disseminated.” Child, J. (2005)

The definition of Knowledge worker: while researching the subject I was stopped by one terminology definition according to Harvard Business review Are All Employees Knowledge Workers? Refers to the Japanese auto manufacturer’s lesson stating that all employees are knowledge workers and it is only up to the organization to drill and encourage this individual knowledge. Knowledge worker is an individual who has been selected base on his knowledge of subject or background education; the knowledge worker is the person that creates and transfers ideas and information in addition he is a participant in the knowledge economy. Knowledge workers today form the majority of an organization work force.

Best Suitable Organizations: Top-performing companies ( higher profits) better employee engagement and stronger market and brand position have significantly higher-performing work environments than average companies. A suitable Organization that would attract Knowledge workers could be summarized by the following: 1- Provide spaces that reflect “me”

2- Provide socially conscious environments
3- Provide organizational transparency
4- Support personal growth through constant feedback and mentoring 5- Reflect work-lifestyle integration
6- Match cognitive intensity...
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