Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Knowing your audience is the key component, and it is critical for public speaking. The audience personalities are different, so it is important to understand the people receiving the message that you are trying to deliver. With poor communication, this can lead to information that can be poorly delivered to your audience.

With the article, Chilean Copper Mine Collapse, we have to consider many factors before releasing information to the public. Most important, the information should consider the families of the miners, the employees of the company, and the audience and the different roles that they may play. But the message has to be delivered differently to each party, so there are steps that must be taken before the messages are delivered to ensure they are delivered properly.

When such tragedy happens, the company needs to safeguard the details of the incident as much as possible. By doing this, it would ensure that the given details are cautiously delivered in an appropriate manner to each party correctly.

With any tragic accident it is a time of essence, every second spent on developing a strategy is a second that too much information can be leaked to the audience, which would be detrimental, very disrespectful, and emotional to the family, so it is best to develop the best strategy as soon as possible. No family member would want to hear through the media or the grapevine that his or her loved one or coworker was involved in an event as tragic as a mine collapse. So it is urgent that seconds are well spent developing a strategy that would have tact, reassurance, and clarity that would comfort the family, coworkers, and the audience.

As mention, it is very important to count every second when it comes to a tragedy. The following notification would be given to the company, Communication via Meeting:

We have been informed that 33 of miners are trapped at one our Northern Chile copper mining locations. We are...
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