Know Where to Obtain Current Guidance on Health and Safety Risk Assessment of the Home Based Work Setting.

Topics: Safety, Accident, Risk Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Health and safety and risk assessment
* The premises are well maintained safe and secure. Well managed risk assessments are conducted regularly to identify potential hazards allowing the child-minder to take steps to minimise any risks to children both indoors or outside. * Children are taught to be safety conscious through discussions about safety and are shown how to adopt safe and responsible practices in play. * There are good arrangements in place to promote children's good health and well-being and to prevent the spread of infection. * The child-minder holds a current first aid certificate and has good procedures in place for managing accidents and administering medication. * Risk assessments for the home and outings are undertaken to minimise risks for children but the record does not include risks for outings which means there is potential for the assessments to fail to fully protect children. * Children are encouraged to learn about personal safety and follow emergency evacuation routines. Safety is promoted as they review the displayed house rules and listen carefully when reminded to walk indoors telling the child-minder that they may trip and fall if they run. * Procedures for illness and medication are planned and meet all requirements helping to maintain children's wellbeing. * The child-minder keeps the house exits locked and uses safety equipment, such as listening devices and safety gates which are appropriate to the ages of the children in attendance. * The emergency evacuation plan has been practised with the children and there is a nearby emergency back-up child-minder. * The child-minder records significant accidents, but has not been robust enough about formal medication and accident records. As a result, some medication has been given with only verbal consent from parents, with written notes made only in the child's daily diary, rather than signed consents and acknowledgements in the medication and accident...
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