Know Thyself

Topics: French language, Louisiana, Lebanon Pages: 4 (1457 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Socrates once said ‘’ Know thyself “. You never know who you really are, since there are a lot of unconscious factors that define you. But what distinguishes you best is your identity. I believe that in order to know myself, I have to know what distinguishes me from any other individual by determining my identity, my surrounding and more importantly, where I belong. I sometimes overhear my parents collectively remembering my childhood and stressing on how I answered my elders that I was half Lebanese and half French, whenever I was asked about my roots. I have never given my childish reply any serious thoughts, about what it might mean or whom it might upset. Lebanon is my birthplace and my nurse country. It nurtured me many of my routines and traditions, but my French connection have interfered with my Lebanese education. My constant trips to France helped me acquire its cultural habits, which couldn’t coexist with my original roots. That caused my multinational blend of different lifestyle and what contributed to making me unique and differentiable from others.

Sometimes my French identity is strongly manifested; this is probably due to my numerous trips to France and I often express myself in French What also played a role in designing my identity is my family. My mother, a French literature teacher, sought to teach me the French language as soon as I pronounced my first syllable, and I was – according to a maternal observation – quite natural at it. But growing up in an Arabic country forced me to learn my patriotic language. When I was finally old enough to have a legitimate education, my parents enrolled my in a nearby French school, the “Grand Lycee franco-libanais ashrafieh”. It was a French curriculum that taught its Lebanese students the history of France, as well as its philosophy and geography long with its demography and civic code. I even watched French movies and television programs that spoon-fed me their modern culture and the ethics of...
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