Know How to Recognise Signs of Abuse

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care 1.1 – 1.3
Often abuse is a result of a wrong or improper use of position directed upon someone vulnerable; in a health and social care environment this could be the position of a carer towards an elderly person. There are many types of abuse, as demonstrated below:

Physical Abuse is an act of physical harm with either the use of body parts or a weapon, this includes; * Hitting
* Slapping
* Pushing
* Kicking
* Undue restraint
* Misuse of medication
The possible indicators related to physical abuse are multiple bruises; especially those with no explanation. Cowering and flinching. Sexual Abuse is an act of a sexual nature where consent has not or could of not been given or where pressuring is the result of consent. These acts include; * Rape

* Sexual assault
* Sexual acts
* Both physical and verbal (acts and assault)
The possible indicators related to sexual abuse include excessive washing, unexplained changes in behaviour and personality. Self harm. Psychological/Emotional Abuse is the act of subjecting a person to mental trauma, this can include; * Threats of harm or abandonment

* Humiliation
* Verbal abuse
* Isolation or withdrawal from services
Possible indications in relation to psychological abuse are anxiety, stress and depression. There can be loss of confidence and an excessive craving for attention. Finical Abuse is the misuse of a person’s funds and assets; where there is gain without full knowledge or consent, and specifically in the case of an elderly person where they are not competent of consent or the gain is not in their best interests. These actions can include; * Misuse of Power of Attorney

* Persuading or threatening for money or possessions
* Theft
* Fraud
* Pressure regarding wills
* Deception
* Cashing cheques and pensions without authorisation
Indications regarding finical...
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