Know How Anti Discriminatory Practice Is Promoted in Health and Social Care Settings

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  • Published : June 6, 2013
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Know how anti discriminatory practice is promoted in health and social care settings

The active promotion of anti-discriminatory practice
Ethical principles
There are four main ethical ideas that should be taken into account in the health and social care sector. They are: * Justice - People must be treated fairly and equally regardless of their background. * Autonomy - A person’s choice must be respected.

* Beneficence - This involves risks and costs; the health care professional should act in a way that is beneficial to the patient. * Non-maleficence - Any harm caused by treatment should not be greater than the benefits of the treatment. The underpinning principles and values of care practice are centred upon ethical principles and put the individual at the main focus of the health and social care provision.

Putting the individual at the heart of service provision
To put the individual at the heart of service provision, the health and social care service providers need to: * Provide support consistent with the beliefs, culture and choices of the individual. * Support the service users in the expression of their needs and preferences. * Empower individuals.

* Promote and encourage individual rights, choices and well being.

Providing active support consistent with the beliefs, culture and preferences of the individual Active support involves helping an individual as much as possible and taking their beliefs, culture and preferences into account when making choices in a health and social care setting. For example, if you are caring for a Jewish person in a retirement home you would need to ensure that Kosher food is available for them as well as what they would need in order to worship. Another example would be a student joining a teacher’s class who has learning difficulties. The teacher and school would have to ensure that the child is listened to and given any support that they might require with sensitivity and...
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