Knotts Berry Farm

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Knots Berry Farm

When you first enter the park you are over whelmed by the smell of cinnamon rolls. After you take a few steps into the park the smell of cinnamon is no longer in your nose, the smell of fried chicken enters your nose. While you make your way towards Bigfoot rapids the smell of water makes you feel cold and tense. As you continue the journey around the park you smell smoke and think something is on fire, but the smoke is from the train ride that is by Splash Mountain. The sight of the sign makes you so excited for your day that is about to come. Waiting in line for your ticket makes you even more excited, to the point where you are jumping up and down. You got your tickets and you are about to enter the park then you see the lines of people wait to get into the park. The butterfly’s in your stomach stop fluttering for a little while, every five minutes you are looking at the clock and you get more excited than before when the gates open to the park. The very second you see the gates move you start to act like it is the most important day of your life. The security gate asks for your ticket and they rip your ticket, immediately you’re saying I want go on that ride. The sound of people screaming on rides makes you want to go on the rides all the more. The rides clicking and clacking gives you a shiver of excitement when you hear them. Vroom blast in your ear and you see a roller coaster right above you. The jingling of food stands takes you to a state of mind that you will find that jingling stand and get something from it. The sound of people saying that ride was amazing! Makes you get in line for the ride they just got off of. While you are waiting in line the jingling gets closer to you and you see the cart, but you are in the middle of the line. The jingling taunts you until you get to the front of the line the lady on the intercom says fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride. You are off! The wind blowing past your ears like you’re in a car...
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