Knights of the Middle Ages

Topics: Virtue, Knights Templar, Middle Ages Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: January 23, 2008
Knights of the middle ages have many important virtues. Many of these virtues are still very important in modern day life. Knights were the symbol of hope and bravery for there time, and icons like that are still needed today. It is believed that many of the virtues may have died with the Knights from the middle ages. Evidence of that can be seen everyday in the current events and front-page headlines, these have made us all aware of how crucial ethical conduct and personal integrity are in creating a fair and functional society. There is no definitive list of virtues given but many believe that the list would contain seven major attributes; courage, justice, mercy, generosity, faith, nobility, and hope. All of these attributes are important to have in everyday life, whether it be the strong attributes of courage to get people through the rough times in there daily life. Justice is another important attribute, people use justice in modern day life to help them make the important decisions that seem to be right and just. Mercy is needed just as well, whether it be the mercy people have for others in need and the willingness to help, or the compassion one has for people for those in wrongdoing. Generosity is very crucial for one to share time and energy with others in need, generosity is in our volunteers, a necessity in everyday life. Faith which means trust and integrity which is also very important, to have faith is to be trustworthy. Nobility conveys the importance of holding one's convictions at all times, this is truth within ones self to uphold the courage to always do the right things especially when no one else is watching. Finally, Hope is one of the most important knightly virtues, due to the fact that when it seems like everything is a disaster hope is what gives modern day humanity the faith to continue on. All of these knightly virtues go hand in hand. Each one compliments the other. In these great times of need, we desperately need more...
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