Knife Throwing

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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The Art of Knife Throwing
Throwing a knife is a thrilling yet relaxing sport. The sound of a knife whirling through the air and thrusting into a target can give you a sense of pure enjoyment and accomplishment. Although knife throwing looks cool, it is not as easy as seen in Hollywood movies; but, with the right equipment and a lot of practice anyone can do it.

Knives in general are dangerous and should be treated with the upmost respect and caution. Throwing knives increases this rule tenfold. When it comes to throwing knives there are a few things to keep in mind above all else; know your surroundings, know your target don’t be careless and watch those toes. With those rules in mind you can now begin by selecting the right knife for you. Throwing knives come in all shapes, sizes, weights and different grades of steel knowing which ones to buy can seem overwhelming. Starting by selecting the weight and size is the best place to begin. Bigger is better when it comes to throwing knives, little knives tend to ricochet and most do not have enough weight to penetrate most targets. Bigger throwing knives make it easier to count your rotations when throwing into a target, which I’ll discuss later. Another few things to keep in mind when selecting a knife or knives is does it have a smooth spine? (Back of knife) You want to make sure of this so your finger can slide effortlessly off when throwing. Another thing to look for is what grade of steel is it? In my opinion I only select AUS grade steel because of its wear resistance and ease of sharpening. Lastly when selecting your knives DO NOT get a sharp blade, only a sharp point, this is all you need a sharp blade will only cause injury and hinder your grip techniques. Now that you have selected your knives learning your stance to throw them is the next step. Stance and posture are going to be the key when developing the muscle memory. Your stance should be the same as throwing a baseball, feet shoulder width apart...
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