Knife Crime Essay

Topics: Crime, Gang, Dagger Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: January 8, 2013
English Speech – Knife Crime
Hi. Today i am going to be talking to you about knife crime and how it affects our society. Lately in the news Jay Whiston a 17 year old boy was fatally stabbed innocently outside a house party. Such a waste of a life for a young boy that had his whole future ahead of him. Knife crime has increased over the past couple of years due to the amount of gang violence going on. While the large majority of young people follow the law a small number of people do find themselves getting involved in knife crime. The few reasons that teenagers may get involved with knife crime are because of family problems, at school where they are influenced by someone who is involved in gangs. Some teenagers just want to fit in, so they join gangs and hang around with trouble makers, and some teenagers think that by killing someone and having a knife gives them power. However carrying a knife is illegal in the UK and the courts will take firm action if you are found with one. Some people may say they carry a knife around for different reasons such as: Protection

* Self defence
* Fear
* Peer pressure
* To gain respect , power or control
As you may know not all people who carry weapons intend to use them. But if you are carrying a weapon and get into an argument, the situation is more likely to get out of hand and you are more likely to be provoked/stupid enough to use it. You could seriously injure someone or someone could use your weapon to seriously injure you. Police have the power to stop you and search you if they believe that you are carrying a weapon. So this is your choice whether you plan to use it or not, you could end up in a lot of trouble and the consequences would be serious. Knife crime can affect anyone, not just people in gangs. This could affect: * Innocent people that get caught in the middle of other people’s rows/arguments and could suffer with serious injuries or worse. * Police officers that could be trying to...
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