Klm Surprise Campaign Analysis

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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KLM Surprise Digital Campaign Analysis

Introduction: How Happiness spread

Figure 1 http://surprise.klm.com/
Royal Dutch company KLM sought a different way to connect with their customers and reward them for flying with them, at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. And what better way to do it, was through the “KLM surprise” Campaign of “how happiness spreads”. It consisted of monitoring traveller’s check in through their foursquare location or twitter. Then they searched for them on the social networks, found their profiles, favourite activities (posted on their Facebook or Twitter profiles), preferences, pictures and information about the person’s trip. The team then used all the information found to come up with an original and unique gift for this passenger. Then a group of stewards tracked their location in the airport based on their travel itinerary. They then surprised them with a special gift. The moment of surprise is then immortalized through photos & videos, later posted on KLM Facebook page. In addition, the conversation of the person and his friends about this surprise is monitored by the team, for example if a traveller who received a gift tweeted about how happy he was receiving a special gift. (Meyer-Gossner, 2011) The presents included traditional Dutch foods, watch, champagne, for example. One passenger, Willem van Hommel, was going to miss one of his soccer team’s most important matches of the year due to his trip to New York. KLM surprised him with a Lonely Planet guide to New York with all the best soccer bars in the city circled. Another traveller, Tobias Hootsen, was surprised with a package to remind him of home during his long stay abroad. (Meyer-Gossner, 2011) Another customer, Perry, was celebrating his birthday and they surprised him with a birthday card and a glass of champagne. (Thompson, 2011) KLM posted all the photos of...
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