Klm P4 Unit 12

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Web search engine Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: February 18, 2013

a.Opportunities to access customers and markets
b.Opportunities to improve availability
c.Opportunities for business efficiency
d.Search engines
e.Promotion on websites and links
f.How did these benefits help the business to change the marketing mix into 7p’s

A. Opportunities to access customers and markets
The most plane tickets for KLM are sold online so it is important that the website has a good access. On the website KLM has ticket, plane and in-flight information. the internet made it possible for KLM to be compared to other airlines and to outclass them.KLM also has several Smartphone apps that make the access easier for the customer and that is very smart because a lot of people have a Smartphone. Via this ` apps` you can book flights and the most handy one: you can follow the flights of friends and families with flight tracker to know where they are.

B. Opportunities to improve availability
KLM has an awful lot of workers because it is a very big company with different important departments and to run such a big company successfully you will need to have an large availability.KLM can improve availability by offering internships at a college like ROC Hoofddorp because there are a lot of students there who later want to work on the airport or for a airline.

C. Opportunities for business efficiency
KLM`s business efficiency exists out of one of the best and most comfortable service in the air with large and comfortable chairs, a great number of entertainment that you normally get on the ground, the most safest planes (with the last fatal crash dated out of 1977) and of course the most helpful stewards. Basically KLM`s service is their trademark and if that’s not enough they also collect clients through promotion.

D. Search engines
KLM pays money to search engines like Google and bing to gain highlighted `hits` when searched for words that are related to KLM and plane tickets. For example if you search for `cheap...
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