Topics: Variable cost, Fixed cost, Total cost Pages: 3 (526 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Declaration for Application

I, pavel laha, hereby declare that I wish to apply to Amba research for the position of Snr. Manager/associate at your Bangalore office / branch.

I’m ready for relocation to the above said city or to any other city as mutually agreed between me and the employer.

My CTC details are as under:
Total Cost to Company : In Rs.6 lacs
Total Fixed Cost            : In Rs.6 lacs
Total Variables              : In Rs.(NA)
In-hand Net per Month  : In Rs.50,000

I’m aware of the job role as shared and explained to me by Bikram, a member/s of Veeyu HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata. The Job Description was shared with me on 10.09.2012.

I wish to apply with my own consent and am under no coercion to apply. I hereby permit Veeyu HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to share my detailed CV with you, which I have sent to them on 10.09.2012.

I  do declare that I have applied to (Company Name) for the position of (Name of Position) at your (Location) office / branch in (Month / Year) through your (Campus Interviews / Online Portal / Recruitment Consultant / News Paper Advertisement.)


I have never applied to (Amba Research) for any position.

I further declare that I shall make myself available for the interviews, electronically or physically, in accordance to the situation as mutually agreed with the employer company.

For any further queries, Please feel free to contact me at
|Mobile: +91.(9029392480) |Alternate Mobile: +91.(Number) | |Home : +91.(Code).(Number) |Office : +91.(Code).(Number) | |Email : (pavellaha@yahoo.com) |Alternate Email : (Personal) | |Official Email : (Official) | |


(Pavel Laha)

The Job role as...
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