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Topics: Misdemeanor, Infraction, Woods Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: January 27, 2013
adherence - faithful attachment
Her adherence to the rules ensured that she will never get in trouble.

apprehensive - to be anxious about something
He was apprehensive about taking a test tomorrow.

chastisement - punishment
The chastisement for copying his homework from his friend is that he got more homework to do.

disposition – the act in a certain manner
the act ofI have a strong disposition towards him because he has bad attitude.

ironic - happening in the opposite way to what is expected
It’s ironic that she’s a teacher but she doesn’t like kids.

navigational - The process of ascertaining one's position and following a route

nurturer - a person who does a job of taking care the babies or the old people The nurturer is caring the newborn children.

palpable - Able to be touched or felt
The tension in the meeting room is so strong that it is palpable.

populate - to have a place in
Variety of animals populate the huge forest.

prominent - standing out
Her eyes are the most prominent feature in her body.

serene - Calm, peaceful, and untroubled
The flows of the river is very calm and serene.

transgression - an act that is against the rule
Speaking Thai in campus is considered as a transgression of the RIS rules.

acquisition:  something you obtain.
That intelligent student is a great acquisition to the university.

buoyancy: the power to float or rise in a fluid
Things that are made from wood are buoyancy.

congregate: all come together or gather together
We all congregate together for 8th grade meeting.

crescendo: something that gets louder
The song  started quietly but ended with a crescendo.

disquieting:  a disturbed or uneasy feeling
Before the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas’s thoughts were disquieting.

impulse: a strong urge or unexplainable urge
He has an impulse to buy a lovely birthday present for his girlfriend.

infraction:  a violation of rules you are supposed to follow I have a detention as...
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