Topics: Enneagram of Personality, Personality psychology, Personality type Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Name: Lindsay Lang
Date: 2012.9.10
Topic: Summarize the 9 enneagram types. Which are you? Why is this helpful? The Perfectionist: They are high requirements and self-disciplined. As a leader, they are very idealistic and reliable. When they cooperate with others, they used to impose their standards on their partners. The Helper

They are warm hearted and willing to help people. For extroverted, they are energetic, talkative. They always can take care others feelings and make the environment harmonious. For introverted, they are more tend to be quiet thinking and quietly helpful. The Achiever

For extroverted, they are action and goal oriented, clearly thinking, high working efficiency and really good at negotiate. For introverted, they are more inner-focused. The Romantic (My type)
They are very social, drama; easily express their emotion, sometimes they just too moody. Due to they are sensitive, they really easy get disappointment and feel depressed.

I am a totally extroverted romantic person. I am very social, drama and playful. My friend always say that where is Lindsay, where is party. But I am also very sensitive. Being understood is so important for me, sometimes I even feel that I am too involved in what people think about me. If I heard some negative things about me, I will be so disappoint and this emotion will keep couple weeks. I really focus on what is wrong with me rather than what is right. Before I took Personality class, I always why I waste my time focusing on what other people think about me, then I found that's my personality. I am THE ROMANTIC. Then I feel so free about my emotion. I feel so thankful

The Observer
They like to observe other people’s behavior in order to avoid looking foolish. They are really smart, aren’t they? Mostly, they are very quiet and inner-thinking. They also very realistic and logical; they clearly mind can easily solve problems and make decision. The Questioner

They are good at finding question and...
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