Topics: Adolescence, Crime, High school Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Josh Sherer
Mrs. Boyst
English 3
After School Activities for Students
Students who spend no time in after-school activities are fourty-nine percent more likely to have used drugs and thirty-seven percent more likely to become teen parents than students who spend one to four hours per week in after-school activities. We should be encouraging more and more students to participate in after-school activities. After-school programs are beneficial for students to participate in. I think that if we got the majority of students to participate in after-school activities then there would be less teen pregnancies and fewer teens using drugs.

After-school activities can play a part in keeping kids safe. When kids don’t have anything to do with their time, or have anything to do when their bored they tend to get into trouble. Some go looking for trouble and with others the trouble comes to them. With after-school activities they can find better use of their time. They can find things that they actually like to do, and use their free time on that. After school programs keep kids busy between the time they get out of school, and about seven pm, the times when adolescents are most likely to commit crimes, be crime victims, or participate in sexual activity (after). After-school activities promote sound judgment, offer health education, and providing positive alternatives to sexual activity (after). These programs have resulted in reductions in youth crime, teen parenthood and school dropout rates. If students are participating in after school activities, then they’ll be less likely to cause trouble and they’ll be better students. “In 2001, four out of ten children in kindergarten through eighth grade participated in after-school activities at least once a week. From that statistic you see that between eight and fourteen million children and youth were alone and unsupervised after school. This is partly because most parents these days are single with...
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