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By | April 2011
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Nation Media Group Limited
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24th March 2011
Ms. Jemima Kilonzo,
Superlink Insurance Brokers.

Dear Sir,

RE: A.A of KENYA commemorates 92 years of existence.

The Automobile Association of Kenya is a nationwide motoring organization founded in 1919 with a prime objective of promoting and safeguarding the interests of its membership.

AA of Kenya has witnessed enviable growth and expansion in services, membership, revenue, continental and international recognition. It is affiliated to the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile FIA), FIA Foundation, the FIA African Council for Touring Automobile, Africa representative in the Global Road Safety Commission and an active member of the National Road Safety Council of Kenya.

To commemorate 92 years of existence, the AA of Kenya has commissioned the Nation Media Group to publish a supplement in the Daily Nation issue of 21st April, 2011. As one of their valued partners, we request you to support the Association by placing a...

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