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Download and Installation of NS-2 in a Linux/UNIX environment NS2 is a network simulator program; it is freely available on the internet to download for academic research purpose. NS2 can be compiled and run both in a UNIX and under Cygwin for windows environment. It is an important to note that NS2 is fairly large and requires around 300 MB hard disk space for installation. In order to run and install NS2 you need a PC with a C++ compiler and UNIX operation system (FreeBSD, Linux, SunOS, or Solaris). NS-2 can be obtained in two formats, one is All-at-once and other one is From-allthe-pieces.

All-at-once – It is the easy way to quick download and install the ns2. Latest version can download from the following link by using any web browser. http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/ns/ns-build.html#allinone http://sourceforge.net/projects/nsnam/files/allinone/ns-allinone-2.34/ This ns-allinone-2.34.tar.gz contains all necessary components and some other optional components for running ns. I would suggest who hasn't installed NS-2 previously would be better to get the Ns allinone package and install it. From-all-the-pieces – It’s really tough to find the required package commencing from-all-the-pieces and its installation. You can download ns2all- the-pieces from the below web-link: http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/ns/ns-build.html#pieces

How to install NS-2 in a Linux/UNIX environment
It is more easy to install NS2 in Linux than the window OS. Following are the steps for installation of ns-allinone-2.34 on Fedora Core /Linux environment. After downloading ns-allinone-2.34.tar.gz User must login as a root user for installing ns2 in Linux 1) Copy the ns-allinone-2.34.tar.gz folder in user/opt directory. 2) Open the terminal and go in user/opt directory. Give ls command.

3) You will see that ns-allinone-2.34 folder is in zip format, give the following command tar -xzvf ns-allinone-2.34.tar.gz (extracting files where; x = extract, z = unzip, v = validate , f = file) 4) This will...
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