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  • Published: April 10, 2014
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Water Pollution
A very relevant and important topic in today’s society is water pollution. Water pollution affects many aspects of our everyday lives. You may not realize it but we contribute more to the pollution of water then you may have previously thought. Throughout this paper I will try and pinpoint the sources of water pollution along with the effects it has on not only us but the wildlife around us. After this has been accomplished I will reveal methods that can help us to control and reduce this pollution. Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies. Water pollution occurs when pollutants are added into bodies of water without sufficient treatment to remove harmful compounds. What is surprising is that normal people doing everyday activities is playing a role in the problem. Things as normal as driving cars, mowing the lawn, and walking the dogs can be hurting the water. Point source pollution is a well known contributor to the contamination of our water sources. Point source pollution is coming from a single source. An example of this would be a factory dumping their waste material into a body of water without treating it. It could also come from an oil spill. Although they are a major problem you cannot put all of the blame on these major cooperation’s. Everyday people play their part in point source pollution as well. Individuals dump paint, leaves, and used oil into their local storm drains. You may not think it matters but here is why it does. Anything that goes down these drains is untreated. This sewage of sorts can then get through leaky pipes and can get into bodies of water thus harming the water system in the area (Jennifer Frost,2013) Another type of pollution is called non-point source pollution. This type of pollution cannot be linked to one source directly. This is largely caused by rain and snowmelt moving over the ground picking up many unnatural pollutants that are made by human. Two of the main things...
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