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Kj - His Story

By | November 2012
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Konrad Joseph Pace was born in downtown Dallas on the rainy day of. May 5th, 1990. From an early age, Konrad Joseph, KJ for short showed a passion for football. Everyone in his neighborhood loved the hometown team, America’s team – the Dallas Cowboys. It was every little boys dream to one day play for the Cowboys, especially KJ’s. Raised by just his mother, Brittney Pace, KJ never met his father. His mother was everything to KJ, she was the one who helped fuel his drive for football, and supported him every step of the way from the day he was born. KJ was en exceptional athlete from his preschool and kindergarten days. Blessed with the speed of his namesake, pace is definitely an element KJ had. He was an exciting player to watch, as a running back he thrilled everyone that watched him play from pee wee games to middle school games. By the age of fourteen, an eight grader at the time, KJ was drawing attention from more than just his neighborhood. At 5’ 10’’ and 145 lbs, he was blossoming into an excellent running back with a great mix of speed and power. KJ’s dream of actually playing for his beloved Cowboys was an actual possibility now. Just when everything was going smoothly for KJ and his mom, it all changed so fast. On his way from eighth grade to high school, and getting ready to play for the City Park High Rattlesnakes, tragedy struck. KJ had slowly been developing a prolactinoma within his pituitary gland in his brain. This benign tumor was identified by his doctor and would force KJ to sit out the football season. Even worse, KJ would not be allowed out of his hospital bed, so any kind of physical activity was out of the question. KJ was devastated. Not only for the fact that he couldn’t play football, but because his life was at risk. The tumor, although not cancerous would not be easy to remove, and KJ would need to remain in the hospital bed for several months. As the months passed by, friends visited, and “Get Well Soon” cards were...

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