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Date:28 january

This is the first time I arrived in Japan.We arrived at Narita Airport at about 6:45 am.At that time, everyone was excited because Narita runway filled with snow.We all can not wait to come down from the plane . Then, we took our luggage and put our luggage in the bus.Outside the Narita airport condition was so cold and snowing.Next we took a bus to Hotel Metropolitan Edmont in Tokyo. Each bus is for a group.It took over two hours to arrive at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont in Tokyo. The following are picture at the Narita Airport:

Then we got on the bus. In the bus, I sat next to Heidi. Buses in Japan so unique. If the seat is not enough, we can open a new seat on the center line. Our journey little late because of highway congestion. Suddenly, our bus stopped at a petrol station cause there are people who want to pee. These are some photos captured on the way to Hotel Metropolitan Edmont, Tokyo:



Later on, we arrived at our destination ie Metropolitan Edmont Hotel, Tokyo. We check in at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont. When we get a room key, we went to our respective rooms. After putting the bags in the room, we have to go Sensei Chin room to take a boxed lunch.

These are our lunch:


After lunch and some rest, at about two pm, we have a supervisor's briefing at Hako,2F Main Building.This is where we get to know two of our group coordinators that is Imazato and Megumi. After the briefing, we have a group orientation until 5 pm. These activities are very important because here our be exposed about our daily activities. In this activity, we know each pension at Fukushima. I get Sun Garden pension. Imazato tell us that in Japan we must always put sanitizer in our hands to prevent of bacteria. The Japanese are very particular about cleanliness.

After this,we want to went out for dinner in the Dining Sai but we need to send our luggage bags in the...
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