Kiwi Series

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Kiwi Series #1

My choice of artwork for this essay is titled Kiwi Series # 1. This painting is made by Dennis Wojtkiewicz in 2005. The size of this painting is 36 by 66 inches. The medium used in this painting is the oil on canvas. I chose this painting because it appeals to my sense of aesthetics and also it has the most interesting use of texture. This painting is an excellent example of our sight being able to activate other senses. The presentation of the translucent fruit and fuzzy skin is so convincing that we have a visual and a tactile reaction and for some, a sensation of taste. The painter has used actual texture in this painting. In this essay, I will talk about the subject matter and then the content. I will also be analyzing each element and principle of design in the painting's composition in an attempt to look at it much more deeply and understand it better.  

Kiwi Series # 1 is a painting of a kiwi fruit, which is cut into half. It is placed on a table or some hard surface. The painter has drawn every little detail of the fruit in the painting. The seeds, the internal minor lines in the fruit, and the difference in textures are done with great enthusiasm and passion. This painting makes me calm and relaxed because of the colors used in this painting and also its overall appearance.  

The Elements:
There are different kinds of lines used in this painting. The artist has used some curvy lines near the edge and the center of the fruit. Straight lines are also used in this painting. Some lines are thick and some are thin, separating the seeds and the showing the opaqueness of some parts. The painting itself is a rectangle shape. The shape of the fruit is objective. There are many other smaller shapes in the painting. The shape of the seeds is oval. The center of the fruit gives kind of semi-circle look. The row of the seeds looks like a thin petal of a flower. The fruit itself is looking like a semi-circle.  

There is a great amount of...
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