Kitty Genovese

Topics: Bystander effect, Kitty Genovese, Good Samaritan law Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: October 15, 2010
1.This mini-research project is designed to introduce you to the basics of documenting information from other sources 2.Write a 500 word paper based on the articles selected in class 3.Most of what you write will require documentation (in-text citations) as discussed in class; however, you may include a section which discusses you own thoughts and reactions to the articles. All ideas take from other sources, whether summarized, paraphrased, or quoted, require in-text citations. Include at least six in-text citations in your paper 4.Do not summarize each article in different paragraphs. Include ideas from different articles within the same paragraph. Every time you change sources, you need a citation for the appropriate source. Every time you change page numbers within the same source you need a new citation. 5.You may include one or two short quotations-no long quotation. Be sure to enclose quotation marks and to quote exactly. 6.Be sure to write in third person throughout the paper. Be careful not to use the “understood you,” which is second person. Edit out all second person pronouns (you, your, yours). Do not use phrases such as “I think” and “in my opinion” when you are expressing your own reactions and ideas 7.your paper may contain two (2) to four (4) main points and may contain more than five paragraphs-one topic may be broad enough for several paragraphs 8.The entire research packet should include:

a.Cover sheet
d.Works Cited page
You may select of the following suggestions for your topic: Kitty Genovese herself, Winston Moseley, the Bystander Effect, the discrepancies in Gansberg’s article, or the Good Samaritan laws
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